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Ambassador Sun Xianghua Attended Commemoration of First Anniversary of the Launching of Lesotho Chinese Community and Security Cooperation Centre

On 29 July 2017, H. E. Dr. Sun Xianghua, the Ambassador of P. R. China to the Kingdom of Lesotho, attended the commemoratory ceremony of the first anniversary of the launching of the Lesotho Chinese Community and Security Cooperation Center (CCSCC), which was held in Maseru. Dignitaries present at the ceremony include Hon. Monyane Molelelki, the Deputy Prime Minster of Lesotho, Hon. Tsukutlane Au, Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Halebonoe Setsabi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Mr. Khothatso Tsooana, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Police and Public Safety and his deputy Mr. Ezekiel Senti, Mr. Holomo Molibeli, Acting Commissioner of the LMPS, Mr. Song Changqing, Political Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy , Mr. Ma Guoliang, Commercial and Economical Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, Executive board and representatives of the CCSCC, and other representatives from the Ministry of Police and Public Safety, the LMPS and the Chinese Community.


In his remarks, Ambassador Sun extended his congratulations to the one year birthday of the CCSCC. He pointed out that the CCSCC has become a platform, where the Chinese people in Lesotho can contact for help and assistance when faced with incidents and emergencies, where friendship between China and Leostho is consolidated, where China-Lesotho people-to-people friendship is enhanced. The Lesotho Government and LMPS have been so supportive to the CCSCC, which is a clear indication that the Lesotho government works hard to create a conducive environment for foreign investors. Meanwhile, the CCSCC has been actively engaged in helping the disadvantaged Basotho, including donating from food aid to bursaries, from boreholes to fertilizers and seeds. Ambassador Sun highlighted 2017 as a special year of Lesotho, for the new government is on the threshold to address challenges like economic development, employment creation, and poverty reduction. He encouraged the Chinese Community to seize this opportunity, continue to contribute tremendously to Lesotho's development, by increasing investment, creating jobs, and transferring more skills.


Hon. Moleleki commended the CCSCC and the LMPS for their achievement in combating crimes and reducing the Chinese casualties in violent crimes from 7 people in 2015-16 to 2 in 2016-17. Hon Moleleki said the 2 casualties were still a heavy number and expected the mortality should be reduced to 0 next year. He stressed that a crime-free society creates conducive business environments and attracts investors from China and all over the world, and in this regard he urged the Basotho to unit up in protecting the Chinese and all other foreigners in Lesotho. Hon. Moleleki emphasized that the Chinese people have never colonized Lesotho or looked down upon the Basotho people but treat the Basotho as brothers and sisters, therefore the Basotho should appreciate the Chinese and work hand in hand with the Chinese to promote friendship and promote the development of Lesotho.


Hon. Au indicated that the CCSCC, established by the Chinese Community with the assistance of the LMPS, has strengthened the cooperation between both sides. The LMPS is committed to fighting against crimes targeting at Chinese or other foreigners and building up a legal framework to arrest crime and violence. He extended his appreciation to China for helping Lesotho in this regard by hosting training programs for the LMPS officers. He hoped with efforts from all parties, Lesotho could maintain a sustainable and safe environment, where the foreigners could stay without fear and worry.


Mr. Chen Kehui, the Executive Director of CCSCC extended his appreciation to the Chinese Embassy, the LMPS and the Chinese community for their supports. In his annual report of CCSCC, Mr. Chen introduced that CCSCC helped to uncover 9 robbery cases and 6 theft cases, and apprehend multiple criminals. He reported the CCSCC not only protected the Chinese, but also helped an Indian businessman by tracing back his stolen vehicle and goods. Following the annual report, Mr. Chen Bangwang, the Deputy Executive Director of CCSCC released the financial report.


The Hon. DPM Mr. Moleleki, Ambassador Sun Xianghua, Counsellor Song, Counsellor Ma, and other Chinese Community leaders awarded certificates of honor to the officers from the LMPS and staffs of CCSCC who made outstanding contributions.


The event was reported by LTV, LENA and other mainstream media of Lesotho.
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